I do web.

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer since 2008, mainly in Python/Django in backend. If you want to make me happy, give me hard challenges! I like problems and how to solve them.

I architect with pleasure

Building things from scratch is the best brain entertainment for me. I like architecting things at night, under my old table lamp in living room. Especially, modelling huge systems by breaking into parts and coupling them again at the end is one of my favourite things.

My Life

Husband, father of two (1 and 4) and the youngest of three siblings. I enjoy my free time with my family - making theater with my kids with iphone and watch it afterwards together or discussing things with my wife for hours and hours... (she is the best advisor and listener) We like travelling, but not for longer than 3 days - we miss our home fast. Me and my wife teach our kids maths and physics at Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings at 6.40 O'clock.

My Tech-Stack

Python, Django, Falcon, Sanic, Tornado, Flask, Erlang, Awk, Scripting, Web Spider, CherryPy, HTML5, CSS3, Pure Javascript, Jquery, Node.js, Express, React, Angular, Express, Websql, Web service worker, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Newrelic, Sentry etc, Git, Mercurial, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes, Amplify Nginx, Nginx Plus, Salt, Ansible and anything new & cool (like python)

Projects so far

So far I have worked with wonderful people and awesome companies.


One of the most famous quiz apps ever. The App received around 70 mio likes so far. I developed full-stack, later offloaded frontend parts to others. It was full of fun to scale the app under 400k/sec traffic. Learnt lots of things..

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Apost is the home for online entertainment - reading awesome stories, playing quizzes and sharing the awesomeness. I developed full-stack, then later offloaded frontend parts to others

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Fun stuff! You tell something and bet that you will be right. We developed the app in 1 week - from idea to working product. I am doing backend and server administration.

Forecast something!

Local News App

Cool thing is, you can broadcast any news to the local where you live or you selected. The App is new and under development. It may take a while until launch I guess. I am doing backend and server administration.

Bet App for soccer fans

You bet on some soccer game and win money.. pretty usual stuff. but backend was challenging. Django Rest Framework with some customizations..

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sniffets.com - Analytics/Monitoring/Tracking tool

With sniffets.com, you can track any custom event in your codebase level. E.g. You want to measure how often requests.get('facebook.com') fails and where. With sniffets.com, you simply do: sniff.event('facebook_request_fails') and enjoy the stats.

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stahlbaron.de - Steel Wholesale Company since 1918

One of the leading steel/metal wholesale companies around Bavaria, Germany. I am full-stack web developer and devops since 2011.

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bibago.de - topic portal for professionals.

You can gather all kinds of informations and materials to some certain topic and keep it as your personal library or give it public. Really useful app. I was full-stack developer and devops.

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I Photography

Photography is the only art that brings the history back or you back into history. It is about creating a snapshop of momentum that never comes again, never...


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