Hello, I am Doniyor. This site is one of the fastest sites on the Internet. ~28ms transaction time. Can it be faster? like 12ms? is it even possible? Yes, it is possible.

You wonder why I don't have fancy website? Because no time for that shit. There is 0 value in doing it. The real value is in me. Talk to me.

I am Software Engineer. Fixing Bugs all day long. Working on Great Ideas sometimes. I dream big, work hard & get the shit done.

I read books as well, sometimes. But most of the time, fixing bugs as I said above.

I have done (been doing) lots of projects, but I can't talk about them here, because they are either bullshit or very complex.

If you want to work with me, you need one (or ideally both) of these 2 things:

1) lots of money
2) great idea.

Reach out to me at doniyor.v.j {at} gmail dot com.

Have a good day!