Hello, I am Doniyor. This site is the fastest site on the Internet. You know why? because it has nothing in it. Only these words. No CSS, no Javascript, no Backend rendering, travelling thru middlewares... nooooathing. and you know why? because no time for that shit. There is 0 value in doing it. The real value is in me. Talk to me.

I am Software Engineer. Fixing Bugs all day long. Working on Great Ideas sometimes. I dream big, work hard & get the shit done.

I read books as well, sometimes. But most of the time, fixing bugs as I said above.

I have done (been doing) lots of projects, but I can't talk about them here, because they are either bullshit or very complex.

If you want to work with me, you need one (or ideally both) of these 2 things:

1) lots of money
2) great idea.

Reach out to me at doniyor.v.j {at} gmail dot com.

Have a good day!

.. ah, and I live in Germany. I speak only German, English and Python. Have a good day now!